Astoria Fishing Guides You Should Follow

Passionate about fishing? Head to Astoria, Oregon, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. This article gives an overview of some of the best guides in the area so that you can make the most of your trip.

Captain Matt Myers

Double M Outdoors – a local Astoria Fishing Guide with 30 years experience fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Featured in national as well as local fishing guides and magazines, Matt is a local guide based out of Portland Oregon.

Captain Mike Hudson

Captain Mike Hudson is a retired Navy Captain and one of the most experienced and respected fishing guides in the Astoria, Oregon area. He has been featured in numerous publications and his blog is a wealth of information on all things related to fishing in the region. If you’re looking for an expert guide to take you out on the water, Captain Mike is your man.

Captain Steve Zorn

Captain Steve Zorn is one of the most experienced and respected fishing guides in the Astoria area. He has been featured in numerous magazines and articles, and his blog is a wealth of information on all things fishing. Whether you’re looking for tips on where to fish, what gear to use, or just want to hear some great stories about his adventures on the water, Captain Steve’s blog is a must-read for any serious angler.

Captain Tom Wiest

Captain Tom Wiest is a charter fishing captain and author based in Astoria, Oregon. His blog features stories and photos from his fishing adventures around the world.

Captain Joe Mitchell

Joe Mitchell is a local fishing guide in the Astoria, Oregon area. He has over 30 years of experience fishing the Columbia River and its tributaries. Joe is a highly respected member of the fishing community, and his blog is full of useful information for both novice and experienced anglers. He covers topics such as where to find the best fishing spots, what tackle to use, and how to interpret the river’s conditions.

What to Bring on Your Charter

Whether you’re new to fishing or an experienced angler, it’s always helpful to know what to bring on your charter. Here are a few items our Astoria fishing guides recommend packing for a successful and enjoyable day out on the water:

-Sunscreen and sunglasses
-A hat or visor
-Comfortable clothing and shoes
-Jacket or sweatshirt (depending on the weather)
-Snacks and drinks

What to Expect

When it comes to fishing, there are a lot of different guides and resources out there. It can be tough to know where to start, or who to trust. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best Astoria fishing guides that you should follow. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fisherman, these guides will have something for you.

One of the great things about fishing is that it’s a great activity for all ages. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been fishing for years, there’s always something new to learn. These guides will teach you everything from the basics of fishing to more advanced techniques. And, they’ll help you find the best spots in Astoria for fishing.

So, if you’re looking for some good Astoria fishing guides, be sure to check out these ones. You won’t be disappointed.


If you’re looking for some great Astoria fishing guides to follow, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite guides, so you can get started on your next fishing adventure.

Q: What kind of gear do I need for fishing in Astoria?

A: You’ll need a few basics items of gear for fishing in Astoria, including a rod and reel, bait, and tackle. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend checking out one of the local sporting goods stores. They can help you get set up with the right gear for your trip.

Q: Where are some good spots to fish in Astoria?

A: There are plenty of great spots to fish in Astoria! Some of our favorites include the Clatsop Spit, Youngs Bay, and Tongue Point. Of course, there are many other great spots to explore – it’s all up to you!

Q: What kind of fish can I expect to catch in Astoria?

A: There is a wide variety of fish that call Astoria home, so you never know what you might catch! Some of the most popular species include salmon, steelhead


There are quite a few fishing guides in Astoria, but these are the ones that we recommend you follow. They all have different styles and techniques, but they’re all great at what they do. So whether you’re looking for someone to teach you the ropes or just want to get out on the water and catch some fish, these guides will definitely help you out. Thanks for reading, and good luck fishing!